Our Mission at The Ethan Hope Foundation

On September 3, 2014 the world would meet Ethan Ryan Ledger. Our son weighed in at 1 lb 6 oz and was 14 weeks premature. The challenge of life became too much for Ethan to overcome, despite doubling his weight and fighting for every breath he would take, he gave us great “hope” for those 33 days that he would fight and overcome every obstacle thrown his way.

As families are forced to cope with their newborns in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), there are many stages to navigate through this incredibly difficult time. There is no preparation for the emotions, fatigue, and helplessness that parents must endure with a child or children receiving care in the NICU. It requires constant and immediate attention, reactions and responses on an hourly basis for days and sometimes months. Infants in the NICU have an incredible support system: doctors, nurses, staff, parents, technology, medicine, and the list goes on.

The parents of these beautiful babies are also in great need…our main objective with the Ethan’s Hope Foundation is to provide support to as many families as possible, in a variety of ways. A family’s needs while in the NICU can vary from lodging, food, travel/transportation, gas, loss of income, insurance deductibles, medical needs and supports after the NICU, just to name a few. Ethan’s Hope would like to relieve as much of that financial pressure as we possibly can for whatever needs fit the bill.

We hope you will join our Ethan’s Hope Memorial Golf Tournament fund raising effors; a very special event to raise funds for families that require the expertise of the NICU.


Ryan & Aimee Ledger
Executive Directors